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The products are delivered by the seller, directly to the home of the buyer / the address specified by him.

Transport is provided by the courier company.

The transport fee is 19.90 RON. Orders over 350 lei receive free delivery.

The order will be shipped within 5-10 working days from the confirmation of the order. You will receive a confirmation e-mail both at the time of placing the order and at the time of its dispatch. This term can be modified by circumstances beyond our control, without exceeding a term of 10 working days, calculated from the date of receipt of your order.

The order will be shipped in packaging that ensures the security of the transport. Liability for any damage caused during the transport of the product, parcel or package sent by us rests with the carrier according to the local legislation in force.



We always want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchases. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly accept your return 

within 14 calendar days, its value being reimbursed.

Withdrawal from the contract or renunciation of the purchase applicable to natural persons (who have the status of Consumer)

Return procedure:

Step 1: JURNAL DE JOACA is notified of the decision to withdraw from the contract. This notification can be made by e-mail to the address; by mail to the address mentioned in the sectioncontact or by phone at 0751 111 631. The consumer has 14 days from receiving the products to announce the withdrawal from the contract. 

Step 2: Send the product (according to step 3 - Return data) to the address noted in the CONTACT section. The package must contain a copy of the fiscal invoice for the purchase of the product and/or the return request.

The products can be returned by any courier company preferred by the customer following the steps mentioned above. Parcels cannot be sent by Romanian Post. Return costs are borne by the consumer. The return will be made within 14 calendar days from the withdrawal / cancellation / return request. It is recommended to return the products with the package check option. We are not responsible for possible damage to the package during transport. This fault rests with the contracted courier company.

Distance contracts concluded according to art 16 of O.U.G 34 are exempted from the right of withdrawal.

Renunciation of purchased products without citing any reason, according to the law on distance trade (OG. No. 34 / 2014 with subsequent amendments).


The products will be returned in the same condition in which they were shipped with all the accessories and documents that accompanied them and with a copy of the Purchase Invoice. Returning a product without accessories (for example, wooden nails, rubber bands, discs, stainless steel cups, plastic tubes, colored cylinders, activity sheets, etc.) of the product will lead to a decrease in the value of the products, as mentioned below. Products with physical changes, bumps, chips, scratches, stains, shocks, etc., without being brought into compliance, are not accepted for return.

Return costs, respectively delivery costs will be borne by the customer, and the reimbursement of the product value will be made within 14 days at most from the date on which we are informed about your decision to withdraw from the contract, but not before the date of receipt goods.

The amounts paid through the online payment method, by bank card, will be automatically blocked on the client's account, by the payment processor, and automatically directed to the bank account of, within approximately 72 hours. We want to draw attention to the fact that this process is done automatically, without the intervention of any employee. Confirmation of the order will be made after verification and confirmation of receipt. In the event that the orders cannot be fulfilled, the money will be returned within a maximum of 5 working days from the communication to the customer.

In the event of the return/unblocking of the amounts paid online (at the customer's request or due to the inability to deliver the products), please contact the card issuing bank because according to the protocol that you signed and concluded with the bank, although a representative requests the return of the amount, the bank can unlock the value within a period of up to 30 days.
Decrease in the value of returned goods (According to O.U.G. No. 34/2014 Art. 14, Paragraph 3)

Since, in the case of distance sales, the consumer does not have the opportunity to see the goods before the conclusion of the contract, he has the right to withdraw. For the same reason, the consumer is allowed to test and verify the goods he has purchased to the extent necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

In order to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, the consumer must handle and inspect them in the same way as he would be allowed to do in an actual physical store. For example: the consumer only needs to check the integrity and compatibility of the products, not to use them for the purpose for which they were produced. Electronic products (ex: water pump) are only tested by turning them on and off, NOT by using them for the purpose for which they were produced. Therefore, during the withdrawal period, the consumer must handle and inspect the goods with due care. 

You are only responsible for the diminution in value of the goods resulting from handling other than those necessary to determine the nature, qualities and functioning of the goods.

The manipulations accepted to determine the nature, quality and functioning of the goods are:
– unpacking without destroying or damaging the original packaging, following the instructions for unpacking without damaging the product or accessories;
– visual, tactile and olfactory inspection (when the above provisions are not violated) of the products;
- checking the compatibility of the product and/or their accessories (if applicable) without damaging the product, accessories or using it for the purpose for which it was produced. 

If a consumer exercises his right of withdrawal after having used the goods to an extent that exceeds the limit necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and mode of operation of the goods, the consumer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the goods.

Unacceptable actions that lead to a decrease in the value of the returned product:
– using electronic devices in any other way than testing by turning on/off the device;
– scratching, soiling, staining, impregnation of products with external substances;
- using them for the purpose for which they were produced

The accessories (plastic tubes, stainless glasses, painted cylinders, painted discs, wooden pencils, stainless bowls, etc.) in the product box are an integral part of the product. As a result, when you return a product, you have the obligation to return it in safe packaging for transport, such as a cardboard box, bubble wrap, stretch plastic film, etc. with the original undamaged packaging, protected by wrapping with packaging film from  together with all its accessories. The lack of accessories in a return package will reduce the value of the product. 

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer is only responsible for the diminution in value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, other than those necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. If the returned good shows signs of wear, use, scratches, knocks, shocks, missing accessories, the consumer is responsible for reducing the value of the goods. Before returning the product, please protect the original packaging with stretch plastic wrap or a cardboard box. 

The value of used products with signs of wear (stains, scratches, bends, cracks, bumps, etc.) is accepted for return only with a reduction in the value of the product. JURNAL DE JOACA does not sell refinished, reconditioned or returned products with traces of use, etc. The final value is established on the basis of a statement of findings and/or a video proof of reception that will be communicated as the case may be.  

Any change in the condition of the products or damage to  of them, which makes it impossible to sell the product as new, automatically leads to the application of return procedures subject to taxes to reduce the value of the product.

The reduction is applied between 30%-75% of the initial value of the product. The reduction fee will be communicated to the customer upon receipt of the modified products.
- if the returned products were accompanied by possible bonuses/gifts, they must also be returned. Otherwise, their value is reduced from the value of the return.

You can request the return of products in the following cases:
• The delivered product does not correspond to the specifications on the website. You can request its return for replacement or a full refund (if the product is no longer available).
• Non-functional product within the first 48 hours (2 working days) of receipt. If the purchased product was delivered non-functional or has manufacturing defects, it will be replaced with a functional product, following written notification or by presenting it to the office within 48 hours of receiving the product.
• Product in damaged package. For products whose parcels show visible damage upon receipt by courier, we recommend that you refuse their receipt. For evidence, the package can be photographed and a report can be drawn up together with the representative of the courier company in which the state of the package from the time of delivery is mentioned. The risk of loss or damage to the products is fully transferred to you when you take physical possession of the product. Any subsequent complaint will not be considered.
• Products delivered wrongly. If a different product than the one ordered was delivered.

The return costs for the situations presented above (not in the case of canceling the purchase) are borne by our store.
In all of the above cases, except for defects within the warranty period, the products must be returned in the condition in which they were received and accompanied by all original accessories and documents. Damage to the products or putting them in a state that makes their resale impossible leads to the refusal of the return or the reduction of its value.

We do not assume responsibility for damages of any kind that the Customer or any other third party may suffer as a result of the fulfillment of our obligations under the Order, nor for damages that may result from the use of the Goods after delivery, and even less for the loss them. We do not accept responsibility for damages after delivery, including the loss (by the customer) of an amount of money as a result of a product value diminution charge (as described above).

Step 3 - After receiving the confirmation of the return, the consumer will ship the product to be returned at his own expense (except for products with quality non-conformities) within a maximum of two working days. For shipping, the consumer can opt for any Rapid Courier company active on the Romanian market.

The product to be returned will be sent to the address:

Address: Str. Vale no 57B, Sancraiul de Mures, Mures county
Phone: 0751111631

Mandatory on the parcel will be mentioned: Name and surname, Full address and Telephone number of the Sender.

Legal entities do not have the right of return, regardless of the method of purchase (online order, delivery or pickup from the store).

The law regulating the right of withdrawal can be accessed here: GEO 34/2014

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