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About us

Materiale didactice bazate pe joaca senzoriala si invatare prin joaca.

Our story

My name is Laura and I live in Târgu-Mureș with my husband and our two little explorers. 


Being a mother concerned with the education of the little ones and having pedagogical training, I created a passion for learning through play, sensory play and always creating new play opportunities. 


In the fall of last year, the concept of the Play Journal was born, through which we created a variety of educational, versatile, open-ended boards. I love challenging little ones' imaginations by giving them room to be creative in their own unique way. Because playing is a very serious thing, all boards are created to  stimulate open-ended play, meaning to be used in a wide variety. The concept of these boards is based on free, creative play, so there is no  just a fair way to play these boards. They are created and tested primarily by our own children.


All our tiles are compatible with Ikea's Flisat table and Ikea's Trofast box. However, you don't need a Flisat table to enjoy playtime with our boards. While having a table is a bonus, many of our customers use a simple Trofast box and play directly on the floor or a regular table, in the car or simply on their own sensory table. 


We are very grateful and excited to be able to share these products with other children everywhere! 


The Sand family

Do you want to contact us?

Strada Vale nr 57B, Sâncraiul de Mures, jud. Mures

Tel: 0751 111 631

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