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Anti-Bribery Policy of SC SAND FAMILY TOYS & EDUCATION SRL, hereinafter referred to as "Policy", highlights the ethical values and principles of the organization, and is constituted as a work tool that contains rules, values, principles and responsibilities, which will be taken into account and respected in all the company's activities, both inside SC SAND FAMILY TOYS & EDUCATION SR., as well as in relation to its business partners.


The foundation of any business relationship is an ethically correct way of behaving in full compliance with applicable national and international laws and regulations.SC SAND FAMILY TOYS & EDUCATION SR requires, both the internal staff, the people who act on its behalf or on its behalf, as well as business partners, full compliance with the requirements imposed by the legislation in force. This Policy reflects the determinationSC SAND FAMILY TOYS & EDUCATION SR to prevent any form of corruption in carrying out its activity and reiterates the prohibition of any form of bribery.


In this context,SC SAND FAMILY TOYS & EDUCATION SR attaches particular importance to and considers as essential laws that address bribery and corruption practices between private companies and between private companies and government entities. In recognition of these requirements and to underline this commitment,SC SAND FAMILY TOYS & EDUCATION SR developed this Policy that applies both to the organization and to the external partners with whom it collaborates.


In conclusion, this document reveals the concern of the company's management regarding the establishment, monitoring and revision of a Policy that:

- prohibits any form of bribery;

- requires management, employees, collaborators, stakeholders to comply with the anti-bribery (and anti-corruption) legislation applicable to the organization;

- it is designed taking into account the purpose of the organization;

- provides a model for setting, reviewing and achieving anti-bribery objectives;

- includes the company's commitments regarding compliance requirements to the anti-bribery management system implemented by the organization;

-  encourages and supports the reporting of concerns in good faith or with reasonable grounds to believe so of any aspects related to possible acts of bribery (active or passive), made in compliance with the principle of responsibility, and guarantees the absence of any reprisals and/or retaliatory actions against to those who formulate such reports;

- includes the company's commitment to strive for continuous improvement of the anti-bribery management system;

-  explain the authority and independence of the anti-bribery compliance function;

- explains the sanctions and consequences of non-compliance with the organization's anti-bribery management system.

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